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North Country Midwifery provides comprehensive prenatal care on a monthly, bi-weekly and weekly basis over the course of the pregnancy. Rachel uses a holistic approach to not only address the physical needs and changes of pregnancy but also the emotional, mental and nutritional needs. Any necessary lab work or gynecological care will be provided during prenatal visits. Visits typically last an hour and are done in your home. One of the highlights of midwifery care is the continuity of care from one provider. Throughout your prenatal, birth and postpartum care Rachel will the midwife you meet with and develop a relationship with. 

Certified Professional Midwives are well trained and equipped to care for low-risk women during labor and delivery. Your midwife will provide all necessary monitoring for you and your baby from the start of labor through the immediate postpartum period. Rachel carries oxygen, antihemorrhagic medications, IV supplies, suture material and resuscitation equipment for the situations requiring these tools. Each birth is attended by Rachel and another Certified Midwife. 

Your midwife also serves as a calm, supportive presence and unobtrusive guide as needed in labor.

Postpartum care begins after the birth of your baby and continues for six weeks. Rachel continues to be on call for you 24/7 and is available to assist with breastfeeding, nutrition and the emotional shifts that occur in the early weeks of parenting. 

Newborn care also continues for six weeks after the birth. A head-to-toe newborn exam will be done on the day of the birth and any necessary newborn medications will be offered. The state mandated metabolic screen, critical congenital heart defect screening and hearing screen will be completed by your midwife. Newborn and postpartum visits occur at one day postpartum, three days, one week, two weeks and six weeks.

Birth tub rental is available through North Country Midwifery for $250. Waterbirth has been found to be safe for both mom and baby and is often referred to as "the midwife's epidural". For more information please contact Rachel. 

Gynecological care is available to former birth clients and non-pregnant clients. Contact Rachel for more information.