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-Hannah L.

Rachel was a calming presence throughout the entirety of my labor and delivery. She reminded and enabled me to focus on the right things at the right time so I didn't tire myself out too early. She knew just the perfect mixture of how to inspire strength and confidence in me while also comforting and caring for me. When I lost more blood than I expected to after delivery, she immediately examined my needs and skillfully addressed them without any panic or fear. She was 100% prepared.


She waited until I was ready to receive the post-delivery and baby instructions before she left to rest for herself. She also did our dishes and laundry while we rested and spent time with my newborn son! Having Rachel there granted me peace of mind and made the entire process as smooth and comfortable as possible. She made me love my home birth! 

-Kaia C.

Rachel was present for the birth of both of my precious girls and spoke reassuring words as I braved what turned out to be the most empowering and rewarding experiences of my life. It is thanks to Rachel and her incredible support, that I was able to birth at home with such peace and confidence. Her vast knowledge, coupled with her soothing demeanor creates a birth environment like none other. 

-Melissa B.

I feel so lucky to have had Rachel on my birthing team. Her patience is priceless and her care admirable. Throughout my entire pregnancy and during my birthing experience I felt so supported and well prepared. This was my first child and nearly every day I feel so grateful to have done it the way I did, and am so happy with our experience. 

-Rebecca A.

A midwife is such an important piece in the puzzle of life. Having a baby is something that is a part of being human, yet one of the moments in my life that is the most unique, where I felt the strongest yet the most vulnerable. I couldn't be more thankful that I had Rachel to walk with me and my family through that process. Her professionalism, wisdom and spirit of hospitality and grace made us feel well taken care of. We felt this before having our babe, during the birth process and postpartum. Rachel really got to know us as a family and understood what our needs were. We felt safe and heard. I remember while in labor specifically feeling so strongly and actually saying out loud to Rachel- "I trust you!". We couldn't be more thankful, and we highly recommend this woman as a midwife!